Clearly Canadian :) (canuckgirl) wrote in get_fit_club,
Clearly Canadian :)


Hi. :)

I'm Cathy. Single and 43. I've always been overweight. But my motivation got a boost from me getting blood clots in my leg last fall which freaked me out. When I saw my doctor in January for my annual physical, she said I should lose weight. And something clicked at that point...

I started counting calories and working out. And slowly, I've managed to lose 60 pounds so far. But I'd still like to lose 40 pounds more.

I took a break from the diet last week, and I only gained 1 pound, so that's encouraging. But I want to get my motivation back and get back on track to keep losing.

I did my workout this morning (30 minutes elliptical machine), so I'm off to a good start this week.
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